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Once the treatment is over for 24 hours it is recommended that you do not get your lashes wet, or be in a steamy environment or that you wear any mascara or similar product on your lashes. 
After 24 hours you can just treat your lashes as normal.

To make the lift last longer try to avoid using water proof mascara & oil based makeup removers as the oils can disrupt the lifting solution.

Allergy information
Very few people have a reaction to the lotion but that doesn’t mean you won’t be one of them. What one person reacts to, another is fine with. This is why you can opt to have a patch test 24 hours beforehand.

A patch test is quick and simple. I will send you a patch test and you just need to put a little of each product behind the ear for 15 minutes. Wiping it off and waiting to see if any subsequent irritation occurs over the next 24 hours such as redness, itching or inflammation for example.